Who are we?

Hi! I'm Naomi, the owner of Humble and Crumble!

Five years ago, Eva started baking cookies, brookies and snaps, right from her home. At the time, she was the first in the Netherlands with this concept. The kitchen at home quickly became far too small, so she moved and expanded. But she never lost sight of what Humble & Crumble stands for, namely traditionally made cookies, with good ingredients and, above all, with a lot of love!

I have taken over since June '23. I had my own business as a pastry chef for many years, making cakes for special occasions, such as weddings and birthday parties. I fell in love with Humble & Crumble and took over the company with great enthusiasm.
My colleagues and I love to experiment with new recipes and new flavors. This way we keep the Humble & Crumble range always surprising and unique. We enjoy working for you too!