Handmade cookies!

“Let's make the world a better place crumble by crumble”


Are you ready for some cookies? At Humble and Crumble we only start baking once you have ordered. All our cookies are super fresh! We use only the best ingredients. Freshly roasted hazelnuts, the best vanilla and fair trade cocoa. And you can taste it!
We ship orders from Tuesday to Friday. Then you will always receive your cookies quickly and fresh!

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Why Humble & Crumble

  • Packaged airtight

    They have a shelf life of two weeks from the date of shipment

  • Zero food waste policy

    We make everything on-demand

  • Fresh

    We use only the best ingredients.

Over Humble & Crumble

Who are we?

Hi! I'm Naomi, the owner of Humble and Crumble!

Five years ago, Eva started baking cookies, brookies and snaps, right from her home. At the time, she was the first in the Netherlands with this concept. The kitchen at home quickly became far too small, so she moved and expanded. But she never lost sight of what Humble & Crumble stands for, namely traditionally made cookies, with good ingredients and, above all, with a lot of love!

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The cookies are really delicious and the weekly menu is every time very interesting and varied. I really like their no waste philosophy. The customers are involved in the choice of the menu. The seasonal specials are very creative and highly recommended! I had some issues with deliveries, and was immediately helped. The customer care is very friendly and solution-oriented, caring and absolutely gorgeous. I can't stop being positive and enthusiastic about them! I am a very happy customer. I like them, I love them, they own a piece of my heart.

Marianne Grobben

I wish I had the first order! The leader has arrived at the package. Der Kontakt zu Humble&Crumble war sehr Freundlich und am darauffolgenden Tag wurde sofort ein nees Paket rausgeschickt. If you wish to do so, I would like to inform you that the cookie is in good condition, but your order will not be processed until now! Sehr sehr friendly! Those cookies were a gift and would be delivered later! Also always welcome!

Sonia P.

Best cookies ever! You can't get enough! It's worth every penny. ❤️🍪


They are tha BOMB🍪🍫❤🔥 My favorite is the birthday cookie🎂. You really must buy💕

Danielle Weenink